Launch of Info Kiosks in 9 Museums

The aim of these kiosks is to provide a holistic vision of Maltese culture from all angles to locals and tourists visiting the heritage sites.  They go hand-in-hand with the mini-sites that we are currently launching on for each location.

Every kiosk will includes information about the respective site where it is located, interesting gastronomic information like traditional restaurants and food establishments close by, as well as various popular Maltese food recipes.  There really is nothing better than ending your afternoon at an exquisite historic palace with a traditional Maltese dinner within walking distance, all the while booking your place at an interesting tour or event happening a few days later through the Info Kiosks.

The kiosks that have been installed are located at:

Gozo: Ta’ Kola Windmills,FolkloreMuseum
Malta:St. Paul’s Catacombs, Roman Villa, Natural History Museum, Maritime Museum, Inquisitor’s Palace, Ghar Dalam, Fine Arts Museum

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