Kif taraf li l-hut jkun frisk – How to make sure that the fish is fresh

How to you ensure that the fish is fresh?

1) eyes are clear and slightly embossed and not recessed

2) Gills must be bright red or red and not grey

3) the scales must be complete, must n ot have scales missing andthere must be no spots;

4) the skin should be shiny and lively color

5) the skin should be moist and usually slightly slippery

6) the tail is stiff

7) fish meat feels firm and elastic (and leaves no marks when pressed)

8) finally the fish must have a nice smell of seaweed or sea.


It is important that the consumer also notes

A. that the fish is covered with a substantial amount of ice;

B. The seller are observing basic practices of cleanliness, personal hygiene, and not smoking!

C. Those who give the rest should be different fromthose handling food or wash their hands before touching the fish

D there are no excessive ammounts of flies

E. that the knives used are clean

F. the table surface and the tray are clean and made from a material that can cleaned.


source Environmental Health Directorate, Malta


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