Festa tal-Qara’ Ahmar

Festa tal-Qara' Ahmar Maltese food

Next Tuesday is the 1st of November – Malta celebrate All Saints’ Day, whilst Wednesday is all soul’s day. These feats have long been included in Malta’s religious festivities calendar. Over the last years, Halloween gaining popularity primarily amongst the younger generation, who are exposed to American media.  In many countries November is pumpkin season, whilst in Malta pumpkins can be found easily throughout the whole year.

If you’re on a stroll in the countryside,  you will quickly see pumpkins lined up on farmhouse roofs and walls. Qargha Hamra (Pumpkin) is a very popular vegetable used in various Maltese dishes.  One can find two variations of pumpkin – Qargha Torka (white Pumpkin) and Qargha Hamra (the orange pumpkin). Some of the more popular Maltese dishes wherepumpkin is used include; Minestra u s-soppa tal-Qara’ Ahmar.

Malta has its very own Pumpkin Fair – Festa tal-Qara’ Ahmar. The fair is organized by a group of farmers from the village of Manikata. The pumpkin fair is selebrated around St Joseph’s Parish Church in Manikata on Sunday 30th October from 10am till late in the afternoon. During the Pumpkin feast visitors can  taste a wide range of traditional recipes using pumpkin .

There will be stands with typical Maltese food including savoury pumpkin pies, pumpkin risotto, pumpkin soup and pumpkin tea cakes, set up by Koperattiva Rurali Manikata. There will also be pumpkin couscous prepared by Palestinian volunteers in aid of Palestine; hot and cold drinks provided by volunteers of Manikata Parish Church; pumpkins and other vegetables produced by Manikata farmers; plants and pumpkin trivia; traditional Maltese and contemporary music; children’s play area; horse riding; permaculture info stand; an antiques car show set up by Manikata vintage car owners and pumpkin sculptures

The aim of the Pumpkin Fest is to highlight the best of what Manikata has to offer and raise funds for projects spearheaded by Koperattiva Rurali Manikata and the Manikata Parish Church. It will also be supporting the people of Gaza and supporting the Funny Farm horse sanctuary.

In case of inclement weather the activity will be postponed to Sunday 6th of November 2011.

The activity is being organised by Koperattiva Rurali Manikata together with the Parish of St Joseph of Manikata, with the support of the Mellieħa Local Council.

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