What’s on a scout’s plate?

Last week the 1st Cospicua Scouts (Troop section) held their mini summer camp at their  headquarters in Vittoriosa. I decided join for a few hours to see what goes on in their ‘kitchen’.

A fully equipped temporary kitchen was set up overlooking the bastions. Clive and Daniel, chef patrons of the day, were  ready to prepare and serve a hearty nutritious Chicken Caesar’s salad with a twist to some very hungry boys. Laughter, jokes and an exceptional team spirit were three main ingredients in this very sunny kitchen….


While Clive and Daniel were busy preparing the mid-day food, the troops had a particular  mission to accomplish – building 3 camp ovens from scratch. No camp oven – no pizza in the evening! Believe me, the process of building the camp ovens was quite a lengthy and messy one and it took the boys several hours to finish them up. The boys had to dig 3 large holes, approximately the size of the tanks used for the oven camps. Some large stones were put around the holes to hold the tank in position. A mixture of soil and water together with small stones is used to cover the tank. This will serve as an insulator to keep the heat trapped inside the ‘oven’. A hollow pole will be the chimney. When all the mud is dried up fire wood is lit up underneath the camp oven. The pictures below will explain better how a camp oven is build.


Back in our kitchen, the dough is resting and doubling in size…. pizza toppings are prepared and ready to go on  not so circular pizza bases…. and fully loaded pizzas go straight into the camp ovens… mmmmm heavenly pizza with the troops …..


Learn more about this group on this link. https://www.facebook.com/cospicuascouts

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