Nothing to eat steps

Walking past the Nix Mangiare Stairs in Valletta I thought about the hordes of Maltese begging for food on these steps…

I sat down on these ‘nothing to eat stairs’ and came to mind. What a contrast……Everyday, and rightly so, we celebrate food and the abundance of it while others have to beg.

Have a look at the Nix Mangiare stairs pictures  and spare a moment of thought for all the malnourished victims around the globe.

2 Responses to Nothing to eat steps

  1. Emanuel Grima says:

    I lived there for about three years in the early sixties. The street was awful to look at but entering the flat omg, the best view in Malta from two small rooms leading onto a balcony looking on right opposite St Angelo.

  2. jennifer says:

    Yes the view from up there is simply awesome…

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