Marsaxlokk open market

Last Sunday I woke up early, grabbed my camera and headed off to Marsaxlokk open market. I love open markets and visit quite a few, but I must confess that Marsaxlokk market is my very favourite one. Its  setting is unique.



6.30am and the market is so colourful and alive.  The early morning sunlight hits the fruit and vegetables in such a fantastic way that it would be a pity not to experience. Beautiful colour contrasts of the edible reds and greens with the salty blues……



The fish stalls are the most busy at this early time of the day. People gather around to ensure a fresh buy and perhaps negotiate a better price! The fish smells of sea and it mingles perfectly with the aroma of fresh basil, parsley and mint.



Have a look at the vast selection of the food found at Marsaxlokk open market……the displays are very tempting but the old lady with the pushchair full of herbs steals the show!


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