International Food Festival Zabbar Malta

Hi to all….This is my first blog on I will keep the ‘talking’ very short but ‘compensate’ with many photographs. Let’s all hit the colourful aromatic streets of Zabbar….

Saturday 1st June saw the Malta International Food Festival at Zabbar. Thousands of people roamed the streets of Zabbar with one thing in mind – food. Six stations were set up in the main streets, all presenting freshly prepared food and interesting displays. Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, American and of course Maltese food was being cooked in the streets amongst huge crowds of onlookers…..and how can one not indulge?


Have a look at the pictures below …. bigilla,  rabbit pie, paella, salami, lamb, spring rolls, cookies, ice-cream, and much much more….indulge and enjoy!



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