Lately I have seen a lot of posts about ‘gbejniet’, so off I went to buy some ‘gbejniet’ from the very best of Gozo.

Joseph Attard tal-Kejken has been selling ‘gbejniet’ for many years, and we have been his loyal customers ever since we had tasted his ‘ġbejniet nexfin’. They are absolutely to die for and my taste buds say that no other ‘gbejna’ compares with his.

Here are some pictures I took while buying dozens and dozens of ġbejniet to last me through the coming months.

Joseph Attard tal-Kejken resides at 29, Triq Ghar Gerduf, Victoria Gozo.  (mob no.79455184)

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  1. Sue says:

    Hi, How do you keep them for months? How do you preserve them please? And how come some gbejniet are orange?


    • jennifer says:

      Pack the ġbejniet in clean jars and pour some vegetable oil over them. (The amount of oil you will pour will only cover the bottom layer of the ġbejniet) Make sure to turn the jar up side down every few days so that the oil will cover all the ġbejniet. It is important that jar seals well.
      The ġbejniet shown in the pictures are different from each other…some are fresh, some are peppered and some are left to age a bit. The yellow/orange colour is due to this ‘ageing’ process. In my opinion they are the best!

  2. DIANE ALMEIDA says:


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