Torta Tal-Pizelli Ta’ Tessie



Mum used to make lovely qassatat and also torti tar-ricotta
and pizelli, the latter being more time consuming.
It was not that often therefore that she made tal-pizzelli
but it would be worth the wait! It was equally delicious
just out of the oven and as lovely eaten cold the next
morning.  That is, if any would be left! 🙂

Replicating that same pastry with a Gluten Free version,
was not going to be easy.  I searched and went through
many recipes and then put one together that worked out
pretty good! Honestly I myself was surprised that this
pastry came out so tasty.  So yummy that you won’t be
able to say its Gluten Free!

And the secret ingredient to make this pastry so delicious
is nothing but good ol’ vodka! It is also important that the
ingredients have to be freezing cold!

I took pictures  as I was making the pastry which will
make it easier for you to follow.

With the amounts below, you can make a 9″ pie, top and

Mela …

Ingredients for the Pastry

300 grams gluten free flour (all purpose mix)
1 tsp gluten free baking powder
200 grams butter
70 grams water (I weighed this on digital scales)
30 grams vodka
pinch of sea salt

So before you actually start this pastry, you have to follow
these steps.

Put the following in the freezer – the measured flour and
baking powder in a bag, the water (in a small glass), and a
fork (if not using a food processor but mixing by hand).
Cut the butter in small cubes and put that also in the
freezer.  Do this before otherwise it would be too difficult
to cut the butter once frozen.

Place in freezer for about an hour

When you are ready to start the pastry, take out the
ingredients from the freezer.  Place the flour mix and the
butter pieces in a food processor and mix until it starts
resembling coarse crumbs.

Start pouring the icy water slowly and also the vodka,
until it all starts to come together.  Be flexible with the
ratios, some times it needs less liquid.

Now a tip  …. 🙂  Instead of trying to work the dough on a
surface, just place your mixture in a clean plastic bag and
work the dough lightly into a ball. See below.

Refrigerate for at least two hours.  If in a hurry, leave in
the freezer for about 30 minutes.  This dough can also be
left in the freezer and used when you need to bake.

If you want to bake it, just take it out and cut it into two if
you are making a pie.  Lay on a piece of baking paper
lightly floured and cover with another piece of baking

Start rolling out the dough until it is bigger than
your pie pan.  Pick up the dough which is on the paper
and turn it over onto your pie plate, remove the paper
slowly and gently press it in.  Do not worry if it breaks,
this dough is very forgiving, and you can easily patch it!
Ensure you make a thick ‘lip’ on top so that the top pastry
can adhere to the bottom one.  Brush this lip with beaten
egg and proceed to roll out the top the same way.

Now trim …

Place whatever filling you have prepared for your pie.  I
will be putting up my mum’s recipe for Pizelli Filling too.

Do the same with the top pastry and place over the pie

Brush with beaten egg too.  Decorate the edge with
a spoon and an leftover pastry cutouts.  Sprinkle with
sesame or poppy seeds or leave without.

Place in a preheated oven and bake at 180 deg C till
golden brown.  See pictures of baked pie … now tell me …
does that look Gluten Free ? 🙂

Recipe for mum’s delicious filling will be up soon … now
off to make some coffee 🙂




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