Rabbit in Marsala on a bed of Creamy Garlicky Polenta


I love rabbit ! I always loved it since I was a little girl, I just loved eating the meat off the ribs and then licking my fingers, my face full of sauce …. bliss !  I still do that, years did not change my habits! LOL.  Although now, not in public! 🙂

Rabbit can be cooked in so many ways, in garlic and wine, in sauce, braised, fried, in the oven … and it always comes sooo delicious!  Well, this recipe was once given to me by someone, I never wrote it down but I still remember the ingredients.  Please bear with me if it is not so accurate.  So the amounts are approximate.

I made this for two and had four large rabbit parts.


Rabbit parts
2 onions, quartered and then sliced
4 cloves of garlic crushed
Red wine to marinade
Bay leaves (about 4)
Good quality Marsala*
Dash of Mixed Spice
Dash of Curry
Chilli Flakes to taste
1 tbsp tomato puree
1 tsp sugar
Gluten Free Chicken Stock (powdered)
Fresh chopped parsley
Cornflour to thicken sauce slightly
Olive Oil

* I used a Semi Secco Marsala and I added some sugar. If using the Maltese Marsala, it is already very sweet so omit the sugar.


Put the rabbit pieces in a plastic bag, add about a cup of red wine (can be ordinary wine), a few onion slices, salt and pepper and leave for about an hour. Then drain, discard the wine and just keep the onions.

After an hour, heat the olive oil and begin by sauteing the rabbit pieces until golden brown.  Remove from pan and add the sliced/quartered onions and the garlic.  Add the Marsala, about half a bottle approx and add the rabbit pieces.  Swirl in the tomato puree and sugar, then the chicken stock powder, the spices, bay leaves, salt and pepper and some water about half cup.  Bring to boil and then leave to simmer.  Keep turning the rabbit pieces in the sauce.  Cook until rabbit meat is tender. Before serving, mix a tsp of cornflour with water and add to the pan so you thicken the sauce slightly.  Add the chopped parsley and serve stacked on the creamy, garlicky polenta!

You can serve it with mashed potatoes too, but the polenta really brings out the taste of the sauce!  It is not that popular with many and it is a pity that it is so under rated as it really is sooo yummy when seasoned!

I am going to give you also the recipe for the polenta.

Ingredients and Method
1 cup instant polenta
3 cups water
1 tsp gluten free vegetable stock
Salt & Pepper
1 tbsp Garlic Butter
1/2 cup cream
1/4 cup Parmigiano
Freshly chopped parsley

Bring the stock in the water to boil, as soon as it starts boiling, remove from the stove and start adding the polenta gradually not all at once as it will form lumps otherwise and keep whisking till it is smooth. Put back on the stove over a very low flame.  Add more hot water to make it more creamy if too thick.  It will be ready when the grains have softened.  Remove from the heat, and add the cream and grated Parmigiano.  Serve immediately with rabbit pieces stacked and the gravy poured over! Yummm!

Your turn to lick your fingers ! 🙂


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