Gluten Free ‘version’ of our Maltese Hobza tas-Salib


Further to my earlier post for the GF Sandwich Bread recipe which
was made in a bread maker, I now would love to share with you the
recipe for this lovely crusty bread.  No bread-maker required this time!
You will however need a stand mixer.

It does require a lot of ingredients, some of which will probably have to
ordered online, like I did myself, but I can assure you, it would be worth
it in the end.

It is better if you use digital weighing scales for gluten free baking,
because if you are looking for a good result, everything must be
accurately weighed. It does make a difference.

I have omitted both gums, xanthan and guar, because many people
cannot tolerate these gums either and to some, can also cause
digestive issues, so I have used more natural ingredients like physillium
husks and flax seed.  Nutritionists would be happy that we are including
these in our diet! They are used instead of the gums and are healthier,
with flax seed suggested to help combat heart disease and cancer.

So lets start !

Here is what you will need :

85 grams Sorghum Flour (Sorgo)
50 grams Brown Rice Flour
45 grams Buckwheat Flour (Grano Saraceno)
25 grams Cornflour
30 grams Potato Starch (Fecola di Patata)
20 grams Physillium Husk
1 tablespoon Golden Flax Seed Meal + 2 tbsp boiling water *
1 1/2 tsp Salt
350 grams Water (lukewarm)
25 grams Fresh Yeast **
1 Egg-white
1 tbsp Sugar
1 tsp GF Baking Powder
1 tsp Olive Oil
1 tsp White Vinegar
1 tsp Honey

How to …

Mix the flax seed meal with the boiling water in a little bowl and mix to
make a slurry and put aside. Now put all the dry ingredients in the
mixing bowl, i.e. the flours, the starches, the physillium husk, salt and
baking powder and mix well to combine.

In another bowl sprinkle the crumbled yeast over the lukewarm water
together with the sugar until it froths.  Pour the frothy yeast, the egg
white, the vinegar, olive oil and honey into the mixing bowl where you
already have the flours. Add the flax seed slurry and mix all together
well for approx 5 to 7 mins.  Then take the dough out from the bowl and
knead it for about five minutes, using some rice flour if it gets sticky.
Put it back in the bowl and leave to rest, covered for 45 minutes.

Take the dough out and either knead lightly into a round loaf or divide
into two and form baguettes, rolling them in more rice flour.  Put on
a baking sheet and leave to rest again for about 30 minutes. In the
meantime preheat your oven to approx 250 degrees C.  Score the loaves
before placing in the oven. Bake for about 20 to 25 minutes on the
middle shelf.

To help the bread become more crispy, put in an empty dish on the
bottom shelf as soon as you put on the oven.  Once you put the bread in
to bake, throw some ice cubes in the empty tray and close quickly. The
bread will come even better if you have a baking stone.

Round Loaf



Notes :

* Best to use ground flaxseeds and the golden type as the brown ones
would tend to give a greenish tinge to baked food.  Ready ground tend
to go rancid quickly.  You can buy whole and grind them yourself when
you need or leave them whole like I did, however it is better if you
grind them finely.

**If you do not find fresh yeast, you can use instant yeast which is
added directly to the dry ingredients.  I have used fresh yeast in this
recipe,but I will also be giving it a try with instant yeast. Therefore if
this recipe requires 25 grams fresh yeast, you would approximately
need 7 to 8 grams of instant yeast.

Lovely served hot from the oven with Shakshuka, another GF dish
with baked egg on a spicy peppers and tomato salsa.



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