Gluten Free Nutella and Chocolate Cornflake Cookies


Ever soooo moreish …..

Hmmmm … do you ever feel like something good and
sweet but easy to make as well?

Well, this is sooo quick to make and tastes so wicked!

What you need :

100 grams Gluten Free Cornflakes (I used Schar)
100 grams dark chocolate
3 tbsp Nutella
Sprinkles for decorating

I used the microwave as it is quicker, less messy and
easier.  Put the broken up chocolate in a glass bowl.
Start on 1 minute on high to melt the chocolate.  As I
mentioned in a previous post, chocolate retains its shape
when melting in the microwave so keep stirring to ensure
it is melted so you will not burn it.  Repeat until it
melts. When completely melted, swirl in the nutella and
then the cornflakes and stir well.

Spoon the coated cornflakes into muffin cups and
decorate the top with coloured sprinkles.  Refrigerate
at least twenty minutes to harden.

Next time I will add some chopped hazelnuts too … or
some coconuts … or raisins … 🙂

Kids love them … adults even more ! 🙂

I sent some for the girls at my partner’s store to try
and he brought back the empty bag with a note stuck to
it …

“Da Riempire …Grazie”

I guess they do come good then 🙂

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