Gluten Free Maltese Figolli

Hi all, thanks for dropping by!  Being Easter, I decided to start
my mini blog with some Easter goodies, no doubt a Maltese
favorite, Figolli 😀

I have never ever made a Figolla in my life, although I just love
them.  I suppose I found them ready and just ate them 🙂
My mother and my sister were in charge of Figolli making and
even after my dear mum passed away, my sister continued
making them without fail every Easter.

This year, it was different, tradition was broken. I was
diagnosed Celiac since last year, so either no Figolli or I had to
try my own …. so I rolled up my sleeves and began.

I tried to convert the regular Figolli recipe to a gluten free one.
I was surprised that the result was very good. I don’t believe it’s
easy to tell the difference from regular Figolli pastry and
gluten free pastry.

I used Mix per Dolci, but you can also use Dr. Schar All Purpose
Flour which you will find in supermarkets in Malta, and equally
in other countries.

I took some pictures as I went along, which I hope will help.
Well, here  goes…

The ingredients for the pastry:

350 grams sugar
800 grams GF all purpose flour mix
400 grams butter or margarine *
Rind of a lemon and an orange
4 egg yolks
Vanilla about a tsp
Pinch of salt
GF Baking powder (in a normal wheat recipe it calls for 2 tsp
but GF pastry needs a bit more, so I put in 3 tsp)
Xanthan Gum (even though the mix might contain it, I still added
half a teaspoon)

Mela, mix the GF flour, Xanthan gum if using, baking powder
and sugar in a bowl, add the margarine or butter cut up into
pieces and mix altogether until the mixture resembles
breadcrumbs. Add the grated rinds and then the egg yolks.
Mix well until it becomes a fairly soft but firm dough, only
adding water or some juice of an orange if necessary.  It will
feel sticky in the beginning. Don’t add too much flour if possible.

When it gets to a smooth dough, wrap in cling film. Leave to
chill in fridge. I left it overnight.

It was a bit hard in the morning, so I put it in the microwave for
a few seconds in short bursts till it softened. Or else leave it to
come to room temperature if you have time.

In the meantime prepare the filling.

400g sugar
400g ground almond
1 tsp of almond essence
3 medium egg whites beaten
(I also added a dash of ilma zaghar!)

Mix together the sugar and the ground almond.  Add the almond
essence then fold in the egg whites.

When rolling out the pastry make sure you use flour so it doesn’t
stick to your work surface. Cover also the rolling pin. Do not
make the pastry too thin. Best if you cut one shape at a time and
keep the dough covered. You can use the metal cutters or just
draw your own like I did.   A little tip is to ensure my pastry cut
out did not stick whilst lifting off the workspace, I used the
silicon egg slider gently to lift it. I found it helped a lot.

Then place in baking sheet lined tins. Put the filling onto the
pastry about 1cm thick, leaving about 1cm around the edges.
Use your fingers rather than a spoon as pastry is very delicate.
Then brush the edges with milk or egg and cover each Figolla
with it’s similar shape. Press the edges together. Brush slightly
the top with milk or egg.

Then bake till they get brown.

Decorate as desired, royal icing or chocolate!

Here are some of my Figolli, decorated 🙂

Hope you will enjoy making your own!

My little lamb :)

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