Who was St. Martin?

St. Martin de Tours was born between 315 and 316 in Pannonia which was part of Roman territory. He died around the age of 80 and he was buried at the Cemetery of the Poor. When he was born, the Romans had stopped the maltreatment of Christians. However, Christianity was still a faith which was not yet established. Martin’s father and mother both adhered to the old religion and suspected the new one. On the other hand, Martin wanted to know more about this faith and went at a Christian church when he was ten years in order to be a catechumen. Even though he had to join the army when he was 15 years old, he still attempted to live life as a monk would.

Something for which St. Martin  will always be remembered…

While he was a soldier, something occurred at Amiens that has never been allowed to be forgotten. One very cold day, Martin was passing through the gates when he saw a beggar who was almost naked due to his tattered clothes. Martin removed his mantle, cut it in two and gave one half to the beggar. Some may have laughed when they saw this action, not realizing that it was a good Christian deed. That same night, Martin had a dream where Jesus was wearing half of the mantle that he had given to the beggar. Jesus told the saints and angels around him that it was Martin who gave him the mantle. Thus Martin went to be baptized at the age of eighteen. Later on he became the bishop of Tours.

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