When and where is the feast held?

Though the feast is celebrated in many countries around Europe, it is more popular in Sicily and Malta. The Feast of St. Martin is celebrated on the Sunday which is near November 11th. Normally during this period, we have some warm days. In Malta, the feast is celebrated in Bahrija, on the border of Rabat. In Bahrija we find the single chapel in Malta which is named after St. Martin. A procession is held, guided by the statue of St. Martin. There’s a fair where one can find plants, vegetables, local honey and an exhibition of local animals. The fair is known as ‘The Turkey’s Fair’ or ‘il-Fiera tad-Dundjani’ which originated in 1953. San Anton School, which is a private school, arranges a walk to the cave connected with Martin and then they walk back to school.

See the spanish translation.

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