Features Operation Pedestal Ships

US ships:
Santa Elisa and Almeria Lykes (both sunk)

Wairangi, Waimarama, Deucalion, Dorset and Glenarchy (all sunk)
Clan Ferguson (damaged)

The only vessels that remained of the convoy to reach Malta were:

Melbourne Star, Rochester Castle and Port Chalmers were the first to limp into harbour at 6pm on 13 August 1942

The Brisbane Star (that had been badly damaged and had become isolated from the rest of the convoy had continued the journey in the shallows along the Tunisian coast to avoid torpedo attacks) and she arrived in the early morning of the 14 August 1942

On 15 August, the Ohio was nursed into harbour by the Penn, Ledbury and Bramham…backed up by the Malta minseweeper Rye.

So in total only seven vessels and the tanker Ohio actually made it

Out of the fourteen merchant vessels, only five made it…those being the Melbourne Star, Rochester Castle, Port Chalmers, Brisbane Star…and of course the tanker Ohio (loaned by Texaco US to the Brits for the mission)..and I think of the few ships that got through, this is the one that is most remembered. The three remaining Royal Naval vessels that made it were the escort ships HMS Bramham, HMS Penn and HMS Ledbury…and these towed in the wrecked Ohio and she began to sink as soon as she was berthed in the Grand Harbour…and after unloading she was sunk.