Maltese Carnival – (Il-Karnival ta’ Malta)

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Before the soberness of Lent descends upon us, we Maltese let our hair down in a spectacularly colourful way during the much awaited Carnival week. Malta’s festivities tend to centre around the capital Valletta, Floriana and Nadur Gozo. Celebrations typically include fancy dress parties and a parade of symbolic floats presided over by the King Carnival float which is supposed to be the best and most beautiful float of them all. Carnival is certainly a kind of explosion of colours in the way of decorated floats and costumes. People dress up in all sorts of funny or weird costumes during the celebrations and just go out in the streets to join the floats. All this makes the streets of Valletta and Floriana come alive!

This year the Maltese Carnival is going to be held from the 17th of February till the 21st of February. Five whole days of dancing, colour and fun!

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