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  • In this discussion we are inviting you to tell us about your favorite fish restaurant. Tell us why you like it and why you keep returning to it. Let's us know about the place, menu and price bracket 🙂

    Posted on 19:52 on 28 August
  • my favourite is spigola in marsascala. Really good food and friendly service.

    Posted on 20:58 on 28 August
  • Sure! Gente di mare is ''Impeccabile"

    Posted on 21:07 on 28 August
  • what about Gozo? any good fish resturants… been to one in Rabat think its called it-Tmun its behind the Gozo sports centre can you confirm if thats the name anyone?

    Posted on 21:16 on 28 August
  • Not very familiar to Gozo restaurants!!

    Posted on 21:17 on 28 August
  • the best fish restaurant that I found was called Pisces and it is also in Marsaxlokk. This was about 12 years ago so I am not sure if it is still there. The wife of the owner was also named Mary.

    Posted on 21:27 on 28 August
  • It is it-Tmun.
    Paradise in Xlendi is also excellent.

    Posted on 21:28 on 28 August
  • thank you, good to know. I will pay them a visit when I get there in November.

    Posted on 21:31 on 28 August
  • What about Valletta any good fish resturants? Been to Cocopazzo South Street i think (near GWU HO) food was fine but places is a bit dated in my opinion

    Posted on 21:39 on 28 August
  • there are also a couple of good fish restaurants at Wied iz-Zurrieq (Blue Grotto area). One of them, I think it is called Ix-xiha has a sunroof restaurant and you can see out past filfla. They also make the best rabbit stew on the island (my opinion).

    Posted on 21:43 on 28 August
  • Try the Marina l'Isla good pasta with shellfish, also available fresh fish it's table are on a wide pavement facing the marina, hosts are also very friendly, as it's a family run…..in Gozo Tmun is fantastic but pricy……try ta' Karolina in Xlendi by the sea,

    Posted on 21:50 on 28 August
  • Marina is in birgu and yes pass from Macina ….under the Mina ……not sure re Enchanted ……never bothered to try neighbour restaurants…….pizza is also great as 4got to mention it

    Posted on 22:00 on 28 August
  • mmm you said Isla thats why i got mixed up 🙂 oso its on the Birgu waterfront… dont go there often but next week should be going to Don Berto

    Posted on 22:03 on 28 August
  • Definantly 'Ir-Rizzu' @ Marsaxlokk.Family friendly selection of food-no long faces for the kids here!As for price range-goes well with the selection!No elbows or chairs banging into each other either-very open spaced & viewing delight of open kitchen in operation by clientele-appreciated the immaculately kept standards of the kitchen whilst preparing seafood dishes galore & all other choices!The Aroma is just breathtaking!Happy heart-contented:)10 stars for that!!!

    Posted on 22:07 on 28 August
  • sorry L'isla not Birgu waterfront…….as I said you pass the macina, than there is an arch you pass it ………couple of 100 metres and u'r there ……..they have table on both sides meaning in front of restaurant and also across the road, facing the marina

    Posted on 22:09 on 28 August
  • ps it's an open kitchen so you can see the food being cooked

    Posted on 22:09 on 28 August
  • this evening I've dined at OTTERS in Gozo, price is right also food was good

    Posted on 22:11 on 28 August
  • re otters we ordered not from the menu……and theere were a lot of tables with kids, which puts me off at first but they were all quite at least

    Posted on 22:16 on 28 August
  • thanks for yr wishes

    Posted on 22:17 on 28 August
  • We had the most beautiful fritto misto at the blue creek 3 weeks ago when on holiday in Malta. We however didn't manage to go back a second time which was a pity.

    Posted on 5:19 on 29 August
  • So:
    1. St Julians/Sliema area – La Dolce Vita: excellent fish and service, wonderful view. Medium price.
    2. Marsaxlokk – Sajjied: Right on the water but away from the madness. Ask Jean-Paul to suggest your mains and have a mixed calamari/prawns for starter, yummy!
    3. Gozo – Tmun (now called Patrick's Tmun) is mostly renowned for meat, not fish. Otters is lovely, right on the sea, but their fish choice isn't always great. On the other hand their usual dishes are divine.
    4. North – most definitely Giuseppi's in Mellieha serves some of the best fish on the island. It's on the expensive side and indoors only (which if it's a hot day is actually better!). A new chef has also taken over ex-Tunny Net and just the other day we had a divine fish meal there, literally overlooking the sea. We had a wonderful main comprised of mixed platter of prawns, octopus and calamari done in two ways grilled and fried (this wasn't on the menu but ask Denise to help you, she's the manageress). It was exquisite.

    Posted on 10:48 on 29 August