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  • This is a sweet pastry cut into strips, bows or whatever shape one likes and deep fried.
    200g plain flour
    1 tbs butter
    3 tbs Anisette
    4 tbs water
    1 egg yolk

    Mix all ing together to form a soft dough. Rest in fridge for 30 mins.
    Roll into thin strips and form any shape you fancy.
    Deep fry in peanut oil. Drain on greaseproof paper

    Drizzle with honey and decorate with hundreds & thousands and liquorice.

    Posted on 7:21 on 22 March
  • looking forward to trying this!

    Posted on 0:40 on 23 March
  • m sure you and all those who try them will like them……

    Posted on 6:14 on 23 March