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  • From research that been going on for a while, showing that the Maltese nation consumes more fats, less protein and shamefully less veg.
    Last year Maltese household spent 579 million euros on food. the increase was on cooking oils and fats ..up by 3.8%
    Increase on fruit only 1.3%
    Less spending on fish and a massive drop on veg!
    are we allowing foreign culture taking over? when our cuisine suppose to be based on veg?! Are we cooking with meat, chicken etc and just serve potato and no veg? We might be killing the younger generation by not showing them the right way and that will keep on going, if we don’t take action now, before is too late. lets see how many eats veg and fruit per day! remember your plate should be 1/2veg, 1/3meat, 1/3carb. would you help me to make a difference?

    Posted on 18:57 on 12 November