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  • These qre only done for St. Joseph Feast, they are the traditional sweets

    1/2kg rikotta
    1tsp sugar (70g)
    1tsp chocolate thinly sliced
    Cream liquer
    Honey warm
    Crushed almonds to decorate

    Choux Pastry
    300ml water
    40g margarine
    1tbsp sugar
    1/2tsp salt
    200g sifted self raising flour
    1 lemon pell
    few drops vanilla
    4 eggs

    Method for filling
    Mix rikotta and sugar well
    Mix chocolate, cherries and creme liquer
    Put in fridge

    Method for pastry
    Put vanilla, water, salt, margarine, lemon and sugar in a pan and bring to boil
    Mix in flour, switch off and keep stirring until the mixture becomes a ball
    Stir in eggs slowly
    make into balls and deep fry
    Can be frozen (empty)
    If sugar is removed can be used as savouries

    Cut in half and fill with rikotta mixture
    Warm honey and distribute with brush
    Throw crushed almonds sparingly on top

    Enjoy ;o)

    Posted on 18:56 on 21 March