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  • Hi,

    As promised… here is how I make the ricotta pie 🙂 hope you try it out and enjoy it as much as we do.

    250g bacon cubes or pancetta
    1 medium sized onion
    100g parmesan cheese
    500g ricotta
    250g cooked spinach leaves
    150g peas (pref. frozen)
    2 eggs
    1 glass milk


    Fry bacon cubes or pancetta in a non stick pan (no oil required) until golden brown, then add onion until tender. Put aside. Mix ricotta with parmesan cheese, adding the eggs, milk and peas. Make sure that any access water is removed from the spinach leaves, then add to the above mixture.

    For the pastry, I use the ready made puff pastry, but obviously everyone can do his own recipe. With the above ingredients, I normally use 400g pastry.


    Posted on 14:57 on 16 October
  • Thanks Maruska! You are the first to post on the new discussion broad system!

    Posted on 15:04 on 16 October
  • thanks for the receipe when i do this pie i omit the bacon and milk as already there is the ricotta but then i had some broad beans which usually i freeze for winter when these are not yet available

    Posted on 7:44 on 17 October
  • Hi,

    You could use the white of an egg on the bottom layer of the pastry in order to make sure that it cooks evenly. As sometimes, esp with Ricotta the pasty can become wet and remains uncooked. Then use the yolk of the egg on top for the golden colouring. So nothing is wasted from the egg.

    Posted on 9:31 on 17 October
  • tks for the recipe its something different mine is just plain irkotta eggs and cream with some parsley im sure that i ll try yours cos my hubby loves bacon tks again

    Posted on 10:36 on 17 October
  • Great Idea Daniela! I will try this next time i’m cooking rikotta pie, since as you said he bottom tends to get a bit soggy sometimes

    Posted on 11:22 on 17 October
  • Never got soggy… maybe because the egg is mixed with the ricotta throughout. I usually mix the egg and milk so that the ricotta is not dry. Anyways… i like Daniela’s idea, and shall try it out.

    Posted on 11:43 on 17 October
  • At Daniela, so it isn’t just my ricotta pie that my dough doesn’t get cooked in the bottom. It happens to me all the time now I know what to do for it to cook all the way. Do you just spread the white all over the bottom? I won’t be making one any time soon, maybe around Thanksgiving, however, I’ll let you know how it turned out, if I remember to do it. lol Also, I never used bacon, spinach or onion in mine, that is more like a quiche but I bet it would taste just as good! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted on 13:52 on 17 October
  • Correct, only the white of the egg is needed to cover the bottom layer of any pastry pie you are going to make.

    Posted on 11:44 on 18 October
  • Great tip Daniela.. I too will try it that way… and Maruska… yours is a a very tempting and tasty version… where there’s bacon… there’s bound to be flovour!.. I put it in my mqarrun as well as my ross il-forn

    Posted on 14:13 on 22 October
  • Yes I also like to use bacon. But to get the real flavour of it I use smoky bacon. That was a good idea about the egg white. But before reading this I solved the problem by covering the baking dish with margarine and then starting the pie on low temp and increasing it after 20 minutes or so. By putting it high right away you only bake the outside of the pastry.

    Posted on 8:02 on 16 November
  • I blind baked the bottom part of the pie first, it helps from becoming soggy, and a touch of nutmeg.

    Posted on 18:52 on 27 July