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  • This is a recipe I was given and tried.

    Make sure snails are clean and well fasted (sawmin u nodfa) Wash at least twice in very salty water
    Boil in salty water or sea water
    In a pot big enough to hold the snails
    fry onion and garlic
    Add snails
    Add tomatoes pulp
    habaq (basilico)
    naniegh (mint)
    salt and pepper
    black olives
    and a bottle of lacto
    add a tbsp of tomatoe paste
    1 tsp sugar
    Hp Sauce and Worchestershire sauce

    Wet Galletti just enough water to make soft
    chop very finely garlic and onion
    olive oil
    Mash all together and serve with snails

    Enjoy ;o)

    Posted on 18:47 on 20 March