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  • spent the day in Gozo and at lunch time drove down to Marsalfon to eat at one of the restaurants in the Menqa. I was feeling super lazy and could not find a a parking spot less than 10 steps away from any restaurant i just drove away from Marsalforn.

    I had been recommended a small restaurant in Cittadella by George the curator at the Folkore Museum. Next door to teh Victoria cathedral are two small shops the first sells typical hand knitted Gozo cardigans (not sure if anyone actually buys these any more) and next door to it is a place called Ta Rikardu. This place is actually one of the most photgraphed spots in Gozo since outside the door is a wooden barrel with a decoration of Maltese bread, Sun dried tomatoes, Gbejniet and other pickles.

    Anyway to cut the story shirt we ordered a fenkata (the menu selection is very limited and they offer rabbit 3 types of pasta and baby goat stew. When the food arrived we were a bit disappointed that the ordered fenkata did not include the traditional spaghetti rabbit which needs to be ordered separately.

    The rabbit Stew was delicious, super tender and the over baked potatoes with fennel and rosemary were so good. we were given a big wicker basket full of thick clices fo fresh and crunchy Maltese bread. We quickly forgot the initial disappointment that we had skipped the spaghetti with rabbit sauce. The rabbit was one of the very best i had ever tasted. I was clearly slow cooked rich in taste yet felt 100u0025 homemade complete with fresh herbs and local red wine.

    The restaurant is next door to the folklore museum and the waiter told us that Ta' Rikardu was a family business and they had actually once owned the premises of the folkore museum. The discussion soon turned into one of insufficient expropriation compensation only to be interrupted by the waitress's bother on law who apparently brought fresh meat supplies.

    Prices are very reasonable, a plate of rabbit in stew and oven baked potatoes costs around 12Euro. Waitress is not very proficient in using the ePos machine 🙂

    This was the first time i visited Ta' Rikardu but i will definitely visit again the next time i'm in Gozo.

    Quality of food 10/10
    Ambiance 7/10
    Service 7/10
    Value for Money 8/10
    Average Score: 8

    Posted on 18:16 on 25 September