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  • Time permits I make it a point to dine out once a week. There are a few restaurants where I actually feel at home and this makes my eating-outing worthwhile and enjoyable. Amongst these few I would love to mention La Capanna (M'Xlokk) Taste (Fortina Spa Resort) Giannini & Il-Horza (Valletta), Rebekah's (Mellieha) and Tarragon (St. Paul's Bay). The food at these restaurants is simply delicious and the service flawless. I would recommend these restaurants to all those who seek refined selective dinning.
    Amongst the restaurants mentioned earlier, I would have liked to include Ta' Cassia Salina Restaurant but although the food was great the service left much to be desired.Will give it another try hoping service is more up to standard. After all service is a key issue. Good service is unselfconscious, itu2019s unfussy and itu2019s appropriately attentive
    Let's face it I donu2019t want waitstaff hovering around, anxious to interrupt at the slightest nod, but then again I donu2019t want to have to sit there for 50 minutes before I can get someone to bring me my starter.

    Posted on 17:55 on 25 September