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  • 5 cups water
    600gr sugar
    lemon rind
    12 cloves
    1-2 sticks cinnamon
    2 tsp almond essence (or more to taste)
    tsp vanilla essence
    evaporated milk (about a quarter cup)


    Place water, sugar, lemon rind, cloves and cinnamon in a pot and let it boil.

    Reduce heat and let simmer for 15 mins.

    Remove from heat.

    When mixture cools, pass it through a sieve to remove rind and cloves.

    Add essences and a little bit of evaporated milk.

    Pour in clean bottles and refrigerate.

    Dilute with water to taste.

    Posted on 22:45 on 24 June
  • Thank You! I will definitely be making this!!!

    Posted on 23:53 on 24 June
  • Hope you like it Mary Teresa…and you're welcome:)

    Posted on 2:08 on 25 June
  • Mel

    evaporated milk is halib tal-bott ux???
    u almond essence nista nuza min dawk il-flixken iz-zghar li nuzaw mal-cakes??

    Posted on 9:25 on 25 June
  • Yes Mel…you're exactly right. Sorry for the delay but fb did not alert me:(

    Posted on 6:08 on 18 July
  • Bongu Georgina
    Ghana sigar tal lews morr u niextieq naghmel ir ruggata bijhom. Rajt ir ricetta tijak imma jien irried namila mil lews kif jinqata mis sigra…. tista tajdli kif naghmel please.

    Posted on 5:34 on 29 September
  • Hello Msida Red Stars AFC:))

    I was given this recipe by my dear friend Linda Speight and I hope you find this helpful…its a recipe from a book about Middle Eastern Cooking by Claudia Roden


    8 oz ground almonds
    1 and a half pints of water
    1kg sugar
    2 tablespoons orange blossom water
    A few apricot kernels (shelled) ground up and mixed with the ground almonds

    Put the ground almonds in a thin muslin bag and tie it at the top leaving a lot of free space inside for the ground almonds to move freely
    Soak the ground almonds in the water in a large bowl for about an hour, rubbing, squeezing and shaking the muslin with both hands at intervals. Allow the water to penetrate the almonds and soak them, then squeeze it out again, taking with it the milk of the almonds (beautifully white and fragrant – that's what she said).

    When you feel that the almonds have given out as much 'milk' as possible, squeeze them dry. Pour the almond milk into a saucepan, add the sugar and bring to the boil slowly, stirring util the sugar has dissolved. Use 1kg sugar at least if the syrup is being made to last. Simmer gently until the syrup thickens enough to coat the back of a spoon.
    Two minutes before removing the pan from the heat, perfume the syrup with orange blossoms water. Allow to cool and pour into clean, dry bottles and close

    Posted on 15:57 on 29 September
  • Thanks for your fast reply Georgina.
    Sure this is going asa big help to me….
    Good Night

    Posted on 18:42 on 29 September
  • You're welcome Anthony.

    Should you decide to give this recipe a try, it would be great if you would share your views about it. Like, how you liked it or if you spiked it with more almond essence…if you felt it needed more sugar etc…I have never made it myself. It's on my list though. Then we could compare notes. Thank you and good luck:)

    Posted on 21:37 on 29 September
  • Yes Georgina i will for sure
    Also if you give the methode how i can male l-intrita tal lews i try it … as we have a few Almonds trees . Happy Weekend. Anthony

    Posted on 5:17 on 30 September
  • Intrita is easy. I would roast 500g almonds first so it has a nuttier flavour. Then grind them as fine as possible. You might have some trouble as the almonds tend to release oil when ground and might clump up so what might help would be to grind the almonds along with the 300g sugar. Add 4 eggs. 1-2 tsp of Almond Essence if desired. And some water if needed. Hope you like

    Posted on 5:30 on 30 September
  • Some people just add egg whites instead of the whole egg…gosti:)

    Posted on 5:31 on 30 September
  • Good Morning Georgina,
    thanks again i try all you said as we have few almonds trees. Dont think i can cook ta my wife dwill do this … But sure i put the reult here as soon we try these…. happy weekend… Anthony

    Posted on 5:40 on 30 September
  • You're welcome Anthony…have a lovely weekend too. If you need anything, just holler:)

    Posted on 6:11 on 30 September
  • Georgina intrita bill lews mor ukoll issier jew bil lews helu
    Grazzi u sorry talli qed niskomodak …. Anthony

    Posted on 9:27 on 30 September
  • No that's ok…no bother…the only thing, I am not knowledgeable in this section. Maybe somebody else could help you though. Try posting your question again on the ilovefood site. I'm sure there will be somebody who knows…sorry Anthony

    Posted on 13:52 on 30 September
  • Anthony, I gave you the filling of the figolli not how to make intrita as such…so I might have given you the wrong information. Somebody told me that intrita is made by grinding almonds with rice?? Again, not sure so you should try another search. Sorry for this

    Posted on 16:26 on 30 September
  • Ok Thanks Georgina
    Good night

    Posted on 17:34 on 30 September