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  • Hi Vicky….thanks for your recipe! I see that you line the pie dish with pastry…in my recipe it isn't truly a 'pie' in the full sense of the word…as the rabbit joints are put in a very deep dish – I use a casserole dish (with no pastry lining) and the sauce is then added and then you only put a suet pastry lid on top. It's not a pie that you can cut in pieces…you serve a bit of the pastry crust lid on the side and then serve the whole rabbit joints with the sauce. You can of course remove the meat from the rabbit bones first if you prefer…which would make the sauce into a fricasee…but I think it's a nicer presentation to serve the rabbit joints on the plate and add some of the sauce. It's a nice dish for a dinner party or a special occasion and looks great if you decorate the pastry lid with cut out patterns from the left over pastry.
    But, I am going to try your recipe and let you know how it turns out.

    Posted on 21:52 on 20 March