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  • This is not a Maltese recipe, but an old traditional English recipe for rabbit pie. Although it may seem strange to bake rabbit in a pie…it is very delicious and you might like to try it:

    Filling: 1 nice fat rabbit about 1.5kgs jointed; 2 onions chopped; 1 cooking apple peeled and sliced; 1 bayleaf; 1/2 pint dry cider; 3/4 pint stock (vegetable or chicken) or water; 1/2 ground nutmeg; salt and ground pepper; a handful of chopped prunes; flour and butter.
    First put the rabbit, onion, bacon, apple in a large pan and add the cider stock, bayleaf and seasoning. (I also put in a bit of Maltese rabbit seasoning but that's not traditional!) Bring to the boil and simmer until the rabbit is very tender.
    Then remove the rabbit etc. with a slotted spoon from the pan and put into a pie dish and add the prunes.
    Then thicken the sauce with the flour and butter carefully…I whisk it to dissolve the lumps. Then check the seasoning, add the grated nutmeg and pour over the rabbit in the dish.
    Next make the pastry:
    8oz. SR flour; 4oz shredded suet; 1/2 tsp salt; ground pepper and enough very cold water to make a soft but firm pastry. Roll out the pastry on a lightly floured board and cut a thin strip to fit around the edge of the pie dish. Moisten this and put on the pastry lid and press and flute the edges. If you have any pastry left over cut it into leaves…or any shapes you like – you can be artistic with that and stick on the top in any design you like. Make a hole in the middle to let out the steam and bake in a pre-heated oven at Gas Mark 7 until golden brown.
    Voila! I serve it with peas or French beans, but any vegetable is nice, and with roasted or boiled potatoes.

    Posted on 1:07 on 27 February
  • Hi Linda.its really not nice at all to eat a piece of your pie with all the bones in and have to remove the bones from your mouth while there is the pastry uhhhhh .
    so i will tell you how to do it.fry the rabbit and then separate the bones from the meat.cook the onions and some tomatoes in a large pot and season.then add in the rabbit meat.boil some potatoes and some carrots in separate pots.they should be cut in very small pieces and boiled only for few minutes and add them to the mixture.there you have the filling .open the pastry and line a pie dish.put the filling and then put the pastry lid.cook and enjoy.

    Posted on 15:22 on 20 March
  • Hi Vicky….thanks for your recipe! I see that you line the pie dish with pastry…in my recipe it isn't truly a 'pie' in the full sense of the word…as the rabbit joints are put in a very deep dish – I use a casserole dish (with no pastry lining) and the sauce is then added and then you only put a suet pastry lid on top. It's not a pie that you can cut in pieces…you serve a bit of the pastry crust lid on the side and then serve the whole rabbit joints with the sauce. You can of course remove the meat from the rabbit bones first if you prefer…which would make the sauce into a fricasee…but I think it's a nicer presentation to serve the rabbit joints on the plate and add some of the sauce. It's a nice dish for a dinner party or a special occasion and looks great if you decorate the pastry lid with cut out patterns from the left over pastry.
    But, I am going to try your recipe and let you know how it turns out.

    Posted on 21:52 on 20 March
  • Hello Linda. I didnt know you do not put pastry on the bottom.Yours looks more as a stew which is different than what i was thinking.I am glad that you are trying to do my recipe.I assure you ,its delisious.Sometimes i do small tartlets so we can take them out with us when we go for a picnic If you dont have rabbit you may use pork instead.BYE.

    Posted on 22:03 on 20 March
  • Hi Vicky….I was thinking that your recipe would be great for picnics! My mother used to make little saucer pies with minced pork or lamb that I used to love…!

    Posted on 22:10 on 20 March
  • Hi Vicky..I tried your recipe and it's very nice for a snack or to take in slices for a packed lunch or a picnic. The recipe I posted is a very different to that.. it is a very old traditional English recipe for rabbit that I am sure will surprise and delight you and your family and it would please me a lot if you tried it also and gave me some feedback!!

    Posted on 1:11 on 05 May
  • You can't eat rabbit in a pie if you malti

    Posted on 1:48 on 05 May
  • Oh yes you can…and you would be surprised!

    Posted on 1:50 on 05 May
  • It sounds lovely Linda, and very kind of you to add this recipe. Thank you.x

    Posted on 7:12 on 16 May