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  • Good Morning for a very very windy Malta (ha ntiru!)
    So it seems my idea for having a photography club for ilovefood.com.mt has been liked.. so far we have the following interested members:
    Georgina Lawrence
    Patricia Azzopardi
    Heather Westworth Rivett
    Sandra Probert
    Mary Kelly
    Pauline Zammit Seber
    Fiorella Quai
    Are you interested in Joining?

    Posted on 9:14 on 06 January
  • I agree with this initiative. May I ask if the photos will be just of food and related items.

    Posted on 9:19 on 06 January
  • What shall we start with tony?

    Posted on 9:20 on 06 January
  • I agree with Tony Farrugia, will the photos be just food and related Items ie: uncooked veg etc and anything that can attract the eye but related to food?

    Posted on 10:52 on 06 January
  • How about the historical & modern pics & videos of Malta?
    I really enjoy watching these when you post them Tony, although I think it was Mary Kelly who posted the Sliema Chalet video, which was so wonderful!

    Posted on 7:15 on 07 January