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  • 400 gr pastry
    1kilo rabbit
    200gr shoulder pork
    1tbs olive oil
    300gr onions
    4 bay leafs
    1tsp mixed spice
    250 ml red wine
    100 gr carrots
    400 gr fresh or frozen peas
    200 gr peeled and chopped fresh tomatoes

    Chop the rabbit a fry in oil together with the pork. After it cools down take of the meat from the bones.

    Fry together the onions, bay leaves and spice. Cover and cook gently for 20 minutes. Add wine, carrots, peas and tomatoes cover pan and keep cooking gently for further 15minutes. Cool down.

    With a rolling pin open more than half the quantity of the pastry to cover a greased dish. Spread the rabbit and pork over the pastry and spread the sauce over the rabbit. Cover the pie with the rest of the pastry. Press firmly the ends of the pastry and cut the remaining pastry. With a fork pierce the top of the pastry and bake in a warm oven until top is golden. For the first 15 minutes temperature must be 200 Celsius and for the rest that is about 35 minutes more temperature must be 180 Celsius.

    Posted on 10:52 on 30 May
  • Sounds nice Mark and I'll try it…but wonder if red wine doesn't discolour the meat?

    Posted on 20:11 on 05 June
  • No it doesn' t Linda

    Posted on 20:39 on 05 June
  • OK…I wondered about that but think that red wine will probably give a much better flavour. Have you ever tried cider? That compliments rabbit very well too

    Posted on 20:42 on 05 June
  • Yes I did but wine gives a better taste and kick

    Posted on 20:44 on 05 June
  • Do you marinate the rabbit in red wine for a time before you cook it as well?

    Posted on 20:45 on 05 June
  • Personally I don't marinate the rabbit cause the taste of wine gets superior over all other ingredients

    Posted on 20:48 on 05 June
  • Yep…rabbit has a delicate flavour that I can see could be overpowered by it.

    Posted on 20:51 on 05 June