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  • I just was visiting a cousin and his wife last night and I asked the both of them if they had any recollection of anything pertaining to the Victory Kitchen. My cousin remembers, as a very young child of 6 years of age, watching when the truck delivered the vegatables, totally covered with a tarp. The truck was guarded with a police vehicle in the front and in the back to assure delivery to the Kitchen. He also shared stories on how his Mom, and I am sure so many others, had to use the wheat that was sunk on the ship and then recovered and used by the Maltese…how they had to hang it on the line to dry it, and then grind it and use it however they needed…and each time he said …and it used to stink….I just cannot imagine living as they did, and survivng to tell these tales of life as it was during the war.

    Posted on 12:56 on 02 June