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  • (if some people are easily offended I urge you not to read the following text)

    Josephine this not an issue of being rude! It’s an integral part of of our language and must respect that. Since we’re discussing taboo issues, I would like to mention some more uses of this word…

    bajd = testies (possibly including the scrotum and the penis as well?)
    bajd = ovaries
    bajd = guts, courage (Kellu l-bajd li jisfida lid-direttur quddiem kulħadd!)
    bla bajd = lacking physical strength (Ara vera bla bajd int biex lanqas tiflaħ terfa’ dak il-basket.)
    bla bajd = lacking courage (Jekk ma tiffirmax il-petizzjoni allura int bla bajd!)

    Posted on 9:43 on 28 February