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  • Zebbuga – Olive
    Zebbug – Olives

    Zejt taz-Zebbug – Olive Oil

    Posted on 8:54 on 01 March
  • Hobz biz-zejt – Maltese bread , spread with tomatoes or kunserva, Olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper.

    Posted on 9:02 on 01 March
  • Tonn taz-zejt – Tuna in Oil

    Posted on 9:04 on 01 March
  • Zejtun (also called Iz-Zejtun) is a medium sized town in the south of Malta. Zejtun holds the title of Città Beland, which was bestowed by Ferdinand von Hompesch zu Bolheim, Grandmaster of Knights of Malta in 1797, Beland being his mother’s surname.

    Zejtun takes its name from the Sicilian Arabic for “olive”- zaytun (comparable to the Spanish and Portuguese, “aceituna” and “azeituna” respectively), which was one of the main productive industries in Malta. It is also known as Hal-Bisbut, or Casal Bisbut.

    Posted on 9:13 on 01 March
  • Zejt iz-Zejtun 2012

    Zejt iz-Zejtun, an annual event, celebrating the olive picking season and olive pressing in the production of olive oil, is to be held in Zejtun on Saturday, 29th and Sunday 30th September, 2012.

    Posted on 9:13 on 01 March
  • Zebbug mimli – stuffed olives

    Posted on 10:09 on 01 March
  • here is the recipe for stuffed olives https://www.ilovefood.com.mt/recipes/zebbug-mimli-stuffed-olives/

    Posted on 10:33 on 01 March
  • iz-Zebbug – a suburb in Gozo…:)

    Posted on 12:20 on 01 March
  • Zeitun is the Arabic word for olive…zeit the word in Arabic for the oil of the olive. The word was adopted also in Spain and Portugal, as it was in Sicily and Malta, from the Arabic.

    Posted on 22:24 on 01 March
  • zebbug iswed huwa matur u zebbug ahdar jkun adu fil bidu ma sarx.

    Posted on 12:01 on 02 March