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  • The January Issue of il-Borma will be dedicated to healthy eating. What toipics would you like to see discussed in this newsletter?

    Posted on 13:44 on 03 January
  • Sensible eating, no diets! more veg then pot and meat, less pastries unless made low fat and fresh clean start outlook towards fruit and veg!

    Posted on 13:50 on 03 January
  • The importance and relevance of healthy fats. The value of a low carb diet versus a low calorie count. The importance of maintaining a healthy liver.

    Posted on 15:41 on 03 January
  • What about good healthy breakfasts?
    What makes a Maltese Breakfast

    Posted on 9:42 on 04 January
  • I have no idea! Never thought or heard of a typical maltese breakfast. When we were kids we were fed fresh eggs, soft boiled bis-suldati. Hobz biz-zejt u t-tadam, porridge perhaps or smid (semolina). My nanny used to tell me li kienu jhobbu jfettu l-hobz fil-kafe jew fit-te.
    For the life of me, I cannot remember any mention of a Maltese kolazzjon in all the delightful stories I hear from my mother in law.
    If I had to ‘create’ a Maltese breakfast I think I’d go the British way with bacon and eggs and include fresh gbejniet laced with Maltese honey, a small salad with tomatoes, olives and capers drizzled with local olive oil and fresh Maltese bread. I’d start off with freshly squeezed blood oranges and down it with freshly brewed coffee.

    Posted on 11:07 on 04 January