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  • Do you like the idea of having an internet radio? Transmitting information about Maltese food, Maltese Culture, Maltese music…

    Posted on 9:40 on 02 September
  • please email me on tezorimaltin@gmail.com as I'd love to work on a podcast project on this together

    Posted on 9:47 on 02 September
  • hi Neville
    i am concerned about copyright issues. We are not making a profit on this and the last thing we want are legal problems due to copy right.

    Posted on 9:50 on 02 September
  • If you're using copyrighted content from local artists it should be easy to ask permission in return for a mention or link or free press …if they're foreign it might be more difficult ut then again if you just need background music you can use CC music ..

    Posted on 9:52 on 02 September