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  • Have you received the first issue of “il-Borma”? What do you think of it? Do you have any feedback or suggestions?

    Posted on 13:40 on 16 October
  • Yes I did and it did not disappoint… you couldn’t have picked a more “Mlatese” dish for your front cover.. I was also pleasantly surprised by the length of the newsletter..love the coverage of the various events. As an ex-patriate living in Canada both the food and the coverage of the different celebrations help keep me close. They also help with determining when to come visit.(hopefully next year). Fabulous job on all counts.

    Posted on 16:34 on 16 October
  • I’m dissapointed I’ havent recieved my November newsletter e-mail address is

    Posted on 0:09 on 12 November
  • I made the gbienet and they turned out great, too afraid to dried them so they were eaten as fresh. News letter and booklet are great. I must try St Martin bread.


    Posted on 4:22 on 19 November
  • 🙂 so glad you tried them and they turned out fine :)!!!!!
    post on the FB Georgina who submitted the recipe would be so happy to hear from you!

    Posted on 15:45 on 23 November