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  • Does anyone have any tips or ideas on how to dry Gbeijnit?


    Posted on 4:59 on 24 January
  • there are containers made like abirdcage but covered in an insect screen you put your gbejniet in them and leave them in the open air for a few days to dry i bought my conntainer from a pet shop

    Posted on 9:06 on 14 February
  • The container is called “qafas tal gbejniet” or “qarnic” in maltese !

    Posted on 15:40 on 01 March
  • @Mario Magro, is it possible to say from which pet shop one may buy one? Thanks.

    Posted on 7:06 on 02 March
  • here is an picture of a very old container for drying meats and gbejniet it is found at the folklore museum in Gozo

    Posted on 20:05 on 03 March
  • [url]https://www.ilovefood.com.mt/ta-kola-windmill/wp-content/gallery/gallery1_1/dsc_0451.jpg[/url}

    Posted on 18:40 on 30 April
  • [url]https://www.ilovefood.com.mt/ta-kola-windmill/wp-content/gallery/gallery1_1/dsc_0451.jpg[/url]

    Posted on 18:41 on 30 April
  • sorry admins. I was trying to see if you can paste links. I now know you can’t. At least not this way 🙂

    Posted on 18:42 on 30 April