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  • Mark…is a qwieleb a sieve?? Or is it a muslin bag?? I tried the translator on the computer…but 'qwieleb' gets translated into English as 'qwieleb' on the four translation sites I tried!! I make cheese but haven't used rennet…I first make a yoghurt with milk and add a starter of organic yoghurt…that I leave in the airing cupboard wrapped in a shawl overnight. The next evening I put the yoghurt into a muslin bag that I hang over the sink to let the whey drain out. The next day you have a soft cheese that you add a little salt to and it's very nice. I learned this from watching Palestinian friends make it when I lived in North Africa…but I don't think it's the same sort of cheese as fresh gbejneit…..but they called it gbejna…but a pretty general term in Arabic for all types of cheese I think.

    Posted on 23:06 on 12 June