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  • Forgot to say that what you do is bring a pint of good milk (I use full cream Jersey cow's milk – but never tried it with sheep's milk) to the boil in a pan then wait until it's cool enough that you can stick your finger in it so that it stings you but doesn't burn you. Then you put a tablespoon of a good organic yoghurt in a bowl and whisk it until it gets runny…then you slowly add the hot milk whisking all the time until it's all amalgamated. Then you cover the bowl with clingfilm and wrap the bowl in a shawl or towel and leave it in a warm place overnight. The following morning it is set…then you put the whole lot into a muslin bag and hang it up to drain out the whey for several hours…and then you have the cheese that you add a little salt to. It sounds pretty similar…but without the rennet. You can keep a couple of spoons of the yoghurt in the fridge as a starter for the next yoghurt/cheese you make. If you want to make larger amounts…then you would use a litre of milk and two tablespoons of yoghurt

    Posted on 23:13 on 12 June