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  • I would've liked it a bit burnt too but I always follow a recipe perfectly the first time and then adjust it "my way":) I will definitely leave it a little longer in the oven next time. And you know what else is going to be a must now that I've found the perfect recipe??? Is a pizza stone!! I never got one before because I was never impressed by any of the recipes I've tried…they were always…ehh:( So I guess I'll be heading down to BB&B and see if they have one.

    I've never worked with a starter where you had to feed it before, so I'm not sure if I'll know how to do that…I guess I will find out:)

    I've tried to post the photos here, but not sure how…I'll see if I can do it on my other computer. Linda, you're the best!! You've ended a 20 yr search!! Yes, that long:)

    Posted on 21:30 on 14 June