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  • HI, I’ve started the mother last monday and did as you described. It went well for 3 days. It was increasing in volume as it ferments and when I add the spoon of flour and water to feed it and mix it, it was a bit like a doughy texture. Then yesterday when I went back to feed it I found it had separated with a brownish liquid layer on top and it smelt of vinegar rather than beer. It had also gone down in volume by about a third. It wasn’t like a “dough” when I mixed it together too, it was more like a creamy texture. I’ve thrown it away and started again this morning. Do you know what could have gone wrong please? I thought maybe it got contaminated but then I read that yours is 2 years old and the bakers have for hundred years so it can’t be that sensitive. Help please. I’m a novice at this and was so looking forward to having some ftira as I live in UK and don’t find Maltese bread 🙁

    Posted on 10:06 on 22 September