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  • You can make the bread without the mother…but first make a biga…i.e. one cup of strong bread flour, one third of a teaspoon yeast and half a cup of water….mix that together in a bowl and cover with clingfilm and leave it overnight. This will give the bread a better taste. Then in the morning add the rest of the ingredients…two cups of strong bread flour, half a teaspoon of yeast, one and a half teaspoons salt..and about one cup of lukewarm water…depends on the flour…but you want quite a sticky dough…then mix it together and let it rest for a few minutes…then start kneading…it's sticky but try not to add flour if you can. Even try putting a bit of olive oil on your hands and that helps…then when he starts to become elastic..put it in a bowl and cover it and leave for about an hour…or until almost doubled in size…then you do the eight or nine turns with a spatula (as written in the recipe I posted above)…leave for half an hour or so…then repeat the turns (try not to knock the air bubbles out)…then leave for another half hour or so. Then it's ready to shape on a floured board (but be careful when you press it down not to knock out too much air) and cover again and leave it to rest until the oven is really very hot. It takes about 20 mins to bake…but I leave it a bit longer as I like it to go very brown.

    Posted on 15:43 on 16 August