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  • Pastry
    1kg Self Raising Flour
    300g margarine
    4 eggs
    vanilla essence
    Lemon zest
    200g sugar
    (I have used this pastry for lemon merangues, apple pies, mince pies and even biscuits)

    For filling
    500g ground almonds
    400g sugar
    2 egg whites
    almond essence
    Lemon zest and juice

    Mix flour and margarine until it resembles bread crumbs
    Add sugar and lemon zest
    Add eggs and vanilla essence
    Mix until you have a firm mixture
    Add a little milk if necessary
    leave for about 1/2 hour
    You can prepare pastry a day before and leave in the fridge

    For filling mix almonds and sugar
    Mix egg whites until fluffy and fold into the almond mixture
    Add almond essence and if necessary some water so that the mixture is a little soft

    Posted on 19:05 on 21 March
  • Is it pastry then filling then pastry? I am trying my very first figolli making this easter! 🙂

    Posted on 7:27 on 28 March
  • yes Jessica you ut the filling between two pieces of pastry cut out in the shape you want :o)

    WOW Andej well done they look great!!! :o)

    Posted on 19:09 on 01 April
  • How many does this make? and how long does it go in the oven for?

    Posted on 18:10 on 03 April
  • Depends on the size of the shape you use bigger shapes less amount, smaller shapes more ammount

    Posted on 18:11 on 03 April
  • kull sena namel il figolli imma qatt ma ghamiltom bil gelu id dizin…. jista xi hadd itini parir kif nista nzejjen il figolla aparti cikulata u smarties etc etc…. niztix nuza licing … thanks

    Posted on 20:00 on 04 April
  • qatt ma ghamilthom bih pero tista tiksi bil fondant. Dan li jintuza fuq l ghadam f Novembru biex tifimni

    Posted on 20:20 on 04 April
  • ehe naf lima hu …. dak nixtrih jew namlu? thanks hafna judith …. u fuq il fondant xizzejjeb bih?

    Posted on 4:29 on 05 April
  • ikun go barmil zghir trasparenti tistrih min supermarkets jew xi cake shop. aktar tiksi bih. Pero jekk trid tista issib icing go tubes bhal tat toothpaste u hemm kuluri differenti.

    Posted on 17:02 on 05 April
  • thanks really loads judith xxx napprezza hafna lghajnuna tieghek

    Posted on 17:12 on 05 April
  • Fejn nista nghin Good luck ;o)

    Posted on 17:13 on 05 April
  • tried your recipe and they came great !! first time too so thankyou 🙂

    Posted on 17:03 on 17 April
  • Hey How long in oven ? Thanks

    Posted on 0:56 on 19 April
  • Until the pastry starts becoming golden, not all ovens bake the same

    Posted on 11:32 on 19 April
  • Hi can I use butter instead of the margarine?

    Posted on 22:24 on 19 April
  • Thank you

    Posted on 0:23 on 21 April