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  • Here's a question I've been trying to find an answer to for a long time.

    When we made patata i-forn bil-majjal and took it to the local furnar mom used to make it in a deep dish – we would get a small metal number in exchange and a matching number would be put on the tray as well.

    Anyway, does anyone know what a deep dish is called in maltese? I'm sure we wouldn't have called it a dish let alone a deep dish – there must be a word for it.

    Posted on 14:01 on 16 August
  • mmmmm bo idea Joseph…. as far as i can remeber we called it Dihk…. dish imqarrun jew dish patata l-forn jew dish majjal. There are still some ovens which cook food on sundays, i know one in Birkirkara but they say there are other sin Qormi

    Posted on 23:09 on 22 August
  • Josef… as far as I remember we always called it “dixx”… I have checked several older cookbooks written in maltese and they all refer to the vessel as “dixx”… you’re probably right, it was called something else…. find someone who has a buz nanna still alive and you may get your answer

    Posted on 14:42 on 22 October
  • The deep dish used to be called TURTIERA.

    Posted on 18:18 on 23 October