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  • What you need:

    500grams chestnuts
    1 cup sugar
    2 cups water
    1 vanilla pod or one teaspoon vanilla essence

    1. Soak the whole chestnuts in cold water for 20 minuts
    2. Cut a slit in the fat side of each chestnut
    3. Put in a pan with water to cover and boil for ten minutes
    4. Drain and allow to cool slightly then peel the chestnuts with a sharp knife, making sure to remove the inner membrane
    5. Put the sugar, water and vanilla in a pan and bring to the boil stirring until allt he sugar is dissolved. Then let it simmer for five minutes
    6. Add the peeled chestnuts to the syrup, cover the pan and cook for one hour at just less than a moderate heat on the hob
    7. Soak an airtight jar in boiling water for a few minutes and drain
    8. Put the chestnuts and the syrup in the jar and allow to cool for a few minutes before sealing the jar.
    9 Keep in the fridge

    When you want to serve them take them out of the jar with a clean spoon and drain off the syrup and place them in little petit four cases

    Posted on 15:47 on 10 November