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  • This recipe I adapted from a Portuguese recipe…if you use fresh broad beans it is even better.

    One chopped onion
    One carton passata
    Good squeeze of kunserva
    1 bag of frozen broad beans….or equivalent amount of fresh broad beans
    Six pork spare ribs broken into pieces
    About half a chorizo sliced…or any other spicey sausage
    A black pudding if you can find one
    Sea salt and loads of black pepper


    Fry the onions until translucent
    Add the pork ribs and chorizo and continue frying until browned
    Add the broad beans and stir
    Add the passata, kunserva and and enough water just to cover
    If you have a black pudding prick it with a fork (to prevent it bursting) and put it in whole to cook in the stew
    Season with salt and black pepper and cover and simmer until the meat is very tender

    If you cooked a whole black pudding in the stew take this out before serving, slice it and serve with the stew.

    This is really nice served with a little boiled rice on the side and some good crusty bread.

    Posted on 19:16 on 11 April
  • You're welcome….this is my favourite dish!

    Posted on 18:15 on 16 April