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  • Yes of course Tony. I cook bigilla this way: I soak overnight about a kilo beans (ful). Then I start cooking the beans by putting the beans in a large pot with a lid and cover with water. I bring to the boil and then I simmer until the beans are cooked. If you see the water has evaported and the beans are still not cooked add some more water to the pot but it must be boiling water. Towards the end of the cooking you can add some salt if you wish. When the beans are cooked mash them. You can use a hand blender to do this, or a potato masher.
    When you serve bigilla you can add some chopped garlic and parsely, olive oil, and also a few drops tabasco sauce.
    Hope you get a good result like I always do!

    Posted on 22:05 on 03 September