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    *6 Eggs *300grams Diced Bacon

    *Tin of Cornbeef *500grams Jar Tomato Paste

    *3 Cups Rice *1/2 packet parmasen cheese

    *2 Teaspns Salt *Water


    1. Heat tomato paste in a bit of oil

    2.Wash Rice in Water then drain (to get starch out)

    3.Break eggs on rice and add parmasen cheese and mix well

    4.Put Bacon in tomato paste and add water till sauce is runny

    5.when sauce is boiling add corn beef and salt leave to boil for extra 2 minutes

    6.Pour sauce over rice and mix well add extra water to make it runny

    7. Put in oven for about 20minutes then take out and taste to see if rice is cooked if rice is still hard add more water and mix again to loosen rice put back in oven

    8. Just check to see if rice is cooked

    NOTE:its important to add that extra water and mix well


    Posted on 1:12 on 02 April
  • NOTE : Rice is raw not cooked

    Posted on 1:24 on 02 April
  • Never done it without cooking the rice 1st. Will try it 1day as it is much easier. Thanks!!!!

    Posted on 5:27 on 02 April
  • No need to add more salt if using Corned Beef as it is salty enough. You can also parboil the rice (cook it half way) and use beef broth instead of water.

    Posted on 16:43 on 11 April