aviation museum

A corner glass showcase at the Aviation Museum canteen houses these food related artefacts of the second world war.



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Spices and more….

Walking around K’Mart supermarket with Lorraine Hussain is literally the same as walking with a spice encyclopedia. I just had to raise an eyebrow and she would tell me the history of the item, what it is used for and how it is used in Malta, etc etc….

I really enjoyed discovering so many new spices and food items. Was really fascinated with the extra large couscous and I ended up buying quite a few items, of course Lorraine will guide me through them! Anything you want to ask about the photographs please ask Lorraine. She will definitely answer you with so many excellent recipes of hers.

Halal K’Mart supermarket is found in Gzira.


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Zejt iz-Zejtun

Another constant on the Maltese calendar – Zejt iz-Zejtun – a feast of traditional and not so traditional food, music and culture with olives being the main focus of the night. I really loved the olive oil tasting session while having a close look at the olive oil pressing.

A vast selection of colourful sweets and mouth watering food were being sold during the night.

This was also a night of culture and music. Bibita entertained the crowd with their medieval music and people could talk and have a close look at some artists’ work. Punic artifacts were on display at the HSBC Zejtun branch.

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Farmers’ markets

Spent an enjoyable morning with Lorraine Hussain going round Ta’ Qali Farmers’ Market. This market screams Malta and is definitely a feast of edible colours. At the market you will only find  fresh local produce such as vegetables, fruit, meat products, wine, honey, flowers and much much more at very reasonable prices.

Ta’ Qali market is situated not very far from the national park, exactly where the Sunday market is. It is open every Tuesday and Saturday from 7am to 5pm.

Another farmers’ market is open at Birgu (Vittoriosa) every Saturday from 7am to 12pm

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Sea urchins and limpets

One very good reason I love summer is the collection of photographs shown below. It is not just about the actual eating of sea urchins and limpets, but  for us it is a family gathering. My dad is very keen on snorkelling and has been diving for sea urchins and limpets for many years. Nowadays my son joins him while we eagerly await them at shore, fresh crusty Maltese bread in hand, ready to devour such bounty.

Once the sea urchins are split and eaten it is very important to clean up the area. The empty sea urchins are returned to deep sea, where hundreds of fish would gather around nibbling on the empty shells.

Many make a fuss over spaghetti with sea urchins, I definitely prefer to eat them raw with fresh Maltese bread to scoop out their flesh. In my humble opinion the two do not compare, but…. After quite a few attempts and modifications to the recipe this  is the best version of ‘spaghetti with sea urchins’ eaten so far.

Spaghetti with Sea Urchins

Ingredients : Spaghetti, olive oil, garlic and a generous amount of sea urchin meat.

Method: Boil the spaghetti in salted water. When spaghetti are almost done heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the garlic. Take the frying pan off the burner and add the sea urchins. Mix well with the boiled spaghetti. Season with salt and pepper. (It is  important not to use a very strong olive oil, otherwise it will take over the taste of the sea urchins)

Limpets found at the bottom of the sea are much larger than the ones found in shallow water. Many thanks go to the rest of us who patiently waited for me to take these photographs….Once ready, they vanished within minutes.


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Lately I have seen a lot of posts about ‘gbejniet’, so off I went to buy some ‘gbejniet’ from the very best of Gozo.

Joseph Attard tal-Kejken has been selling ‘gbejniet’ for many years, and we have been his loyal customers ever since we had tasted his ‘ġbejniet nexfin’. They are absolutely to die for and my taste buds say that no other ‘gbejna’ compares with his.

Here are some pictures I took while buying dozens and dozens of ġbejniet to last me through the coming months.

Joseph Attard tal-Kejken resides at 29, Triq Ghar Gerduf, Victoria Gozo.  (mob no.79455184)

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Nothing to eat steps

Walking past the Nix Mangiare Stairs in Valletta I thought about the hordes of Maltese begging for food on these steps…

I sat down on these ‘nothing to eat stairs’ and ilovefood.com came to mind. What a contrast……Everyday, and rightly so, we celebrate food and the abundance of it while others have to beg.

Have a look at the Nix Mangiare stairs pictures  and spare a moment of thought for all the malnourished victims around the globe.

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What’s on a scout’s plate?

Last week the 1st Cospicua Scouts (Troop section) held their mini summer camp at their  headquarters in Vittoriosa. I decided join for a few hours to see what goes on in their ‘kitchen’.

A fully equipped temporary kitchen was set up overlooking the bastions. Clive and Daniel, chef patrons of the day, were  ready to prepare and serve a hearty nutritious Chicken Caesar’s salad with a twist to some very hungry boys. Laughter, jokes and an exceptional team spirit were three main ingredients in this very sunny kitchen….


While Clive and Daniel were busy preparing the mid-day food, the troops had a particular  mission to accomplish – building 3 camp ovens from scratch. No camp oven – no pizza in the evening! Believe me, the process of building the camp ovens was quite a lengthy and messy one and it took the boys several hours to finish them up. The boys had to dig 3 large holes, approximately the size of the tanks used for the oven camps. Some large stones were put around the holes to hold the tank in position. A mixture of soil and water together with small stones is used to cover the tank. This will serve as an insulator to keep the heat trapped inside the ‘oven’. A hollow pole will be the chimney. When all the mud is dried up fire wood is lit up underneath the camp oven. The pictures below will explain better how a camp oven is build.


Back in our kitchen, the dough is resting and doubling in size…. pizza toppings are prepared and ready to go on  not so circular pizza bases…. and fully loaded pizzas go straight into the camp ovens… mmmmm heavenly pizza with the troops …..


Learn more about this group on this link. https://www.facebook.com/cospicuascouts

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Marsaxlokk open market

Last Sunday I woke up early, grabbed my camera and headed off to Marsaxlokk open market. I love open markets and visit quite a few, but I must confess that Marsaxlokk market is my very favourite one. Its  setting is unique.



6.30am and the market is so colourful and alive.  The early morning sunlight hits the fruit and vegetables in such a fantastic way that it would be a pity not to experience. Beautiful colour contrasts of the edible reds and greens with the salty blues……



The fish stalls are the most busy at this early time of the day. People gather around to ensure a fresh buy and perhaps negotiate a better price! The fish smells of sea and it mingles perfectly with the aroma of fresh basil, parsley and mint.



Have a look at the vast selection of the food found at Marsaxlokk open market……the displays are very tempting but the old lady with the pushchair full of herbs steals the show!


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International Food Festival Zabbar Malta

Hi to all….This is my first blog on ilovefood.com. I will keep the ‘talking’ very short but ‘compensate’ with many photographs. Let’s all hit the colourful aromatic streets of Zabbar….

Saturday 1st June saw the Malta International Food Festival at Zabbar. Thousands of people roamed the streets of Zabbar with one thing in mind – food. Six stations were set up in the main streets, all presenting freshly prepared food and interesting displays. Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, American and of course Maltese food was being cooked in the streets amongst huge crowds of onlookers…..and how can one not indulge?


Have a look at the pictures below …. bigilla,  rabbit pie, paella, salami, lamb, spring rolls, cookies, ice-cream, and much much more….indulge and enjoy!



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