Why Not? The summer of Love

Why Not? The Summer of love is a new concept that will be introduced to Surfside in Sliema,   where all energies combined will groove and intertwine, providing a summer of healthy food, juices, smoothies, sunshine and moonlit evenings so that you can dance the night away with the best local and foreign DJ’s.

Why Not? is offering a healthy vegetarian menu, free workshops and free events as an alternative to the mainstream lifestyles. So if you’re into an alternative healthy lifestyle, head on to Surfside from the early hours of the afternoon to the late hours of the night, and enjoy dancing, fire shows, jam sessions, outdoor dining and groove with the Special Guest DJ’s from the Groove Collective. There will also be a solo performance by Janet Vella, who will be narrating a transformative process that we all go through while making our way through our lives.

Why Not? The Summer of love promises to fill your summer with a lot of positive energy, so make sure not to miss out!